“Gateway to Afghanistan”

PORT ASIA proud to be among Pioneers & Specialized on Afghan Transit Trade. Since then Port Asia is serving our Afghan-Partners for all their commercial needs.

PORT ASIA is a dominating player on this route & our team is keen & energetic with rich knowledge & experience on trade policies, routes designs, procedures etc. etc.

PORT ASIA is offering full range of services to / from Afghanistan:

  • Clearance & Transportation to all cities/destinations in Afghanistan.
  • Clearance at cross-borders Torkham & Chaman.
  • Movement of Reefers / Frozen Food items / Eggs / Fresh-Meat.
  • Movement of Project Cargo.
  • Movement of Building Materials
  • Movement of Power/Energy Plants or Stations.
  • Movement of Heavy Lifts.
  • Movement of Industrial Generators / Transformers.
  • Movement of Porta-cabins / SOC containers.
  • Movement of Bitumen – Break Bulk
  • Movement of edible Oil
  • Movement of automobile / OILs.
  • Movement of Cars / Wagons / SUV’s.
  • Clearance & Duty Processing within Afghanistan.
  • Export Management from Afghanistan via Pakistan.
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